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90 Days - Same As Cash Program

Sharpe Financial Network now offers you the ability to service a wider range of your customer base. Designed around the idea of the customer needs the equipment now but may need a few months to line up customers or financing or is just plain frugal! unknown image
The customer may begin using the equipment today while making monthly payments and have the option to purchase the equipment within 90 days with no interest charges to them!

The rules are simple: We fund the following percentage of your invoice to us.
$3,000-9,999 $10,000-24,999 Over $25,000
91.5% 93.0% 93.5%
Your customer pays Sharpe Financial Network a security deposit upfront equal to one or two payments and signs a lease/finance agreement for payment terms between 12 to 60 months. Payments are calculated using your current rate schedule from us. The customer then just makes their normal monthly payments as though they are going to continue with their 12-60 month agreement.

If, during the first ninety days, they decide to exercise their option to purchase, the customer pays only the cost of the equipment minus their payments they have made. The customer elects the lease option by just continuing to make their payments past the 90 days.

Equipment cost = $8,000
Discount = 92.5% in $3,000-9,999 category ( = $600.00)
Amount funded to vendor = $7,400
Addendum to Lease for 90 Days Same as Cash Program
A 90 Day Same as Cash Addendum is required. It must be signed by the lessee, vendor and lessor.
The enclosed lease is for the special 90 days same as cash program. The customer can pay off the lease within 90 days from the date of acceptance for the cost of the equipment minus all payment made.

Lessee Signature: ________________________________________________
Title: ___________________________________________________________

Vendor Signature: ________________________________________________
Title: ___________________________________________________________

Lessor Signature: ________________________________________________
Title: __________________________________________________________
Call today! This program is for a limited time.

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