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Buy vs. Lease

"If it appreciates, Buy It.  If it Depreciates, Lease it!"

Lease versus Loan Comparison
A lease has...
  • Simple Application (no life history needed)
  • Simple One page document
  • Fixed payments and interest (same today as tomorrow)
  • Incredible Exposure Amounts ( up to $250,000 with just¬† a application)
  • Potential Tax Advantages ( you may be able to expense the entire payment)
  • Easy Add-ons and Trade-Ups (you can get the newest accessory when you need it)
  • Provides Additional Credit Line (you may want to borrow from your bank another day or for another purpose)
  • No Additional Collateral required (the equipment itself is the only collateral )

A loan has...

  • Extensive Documentation Requirements
  • Extensive Reporting Requirements
  • Often Requires Additional Collateral
  • Often Requires Down Payment
  • Borrowing Limits may not meet your needs
  • Interest can fluctuate with the market
  • Negative Impact on Balance Sheet
  • Bank Loans can be Cancelled by Lender at anytime

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