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The Leasing Process


A. Please complete the application and email it to process your request.
B. We would be glad to call you to complete the application or just print it and fax it to us. (The more information we have, the quicker we are able to respond)


A. You are advised that the application has been received and in process.
B. Credit is processed and a response is usually given within 24 hours.
C. Exact equipment description is needed from you to document.
(Copy of sales order, quote, or invoice)

A. A written lease agreement is over-nighted to you for your approval. When it is signed and returned to us with the advance payment requested on the invoice.
B. We will issue a purchase order to the dealer of the equipment you are purchasing, confirming to them that we will fund them directly upon your receipt of the equipment.
C. Directions for invoicing will be given to your dealer so that we fund promptly upon delivery.
D. You will receive a confirmation call from us confirming the delivery of the equipment and then we will PROMPTLY fund the dealer. (Generally, this process takes 1-5 days)
E. You're up and runnning with your new equipment!

Would you agree that this process will free up your time and allow you to acquire that new equipment for up-front costs of generally less than 10% of it's purchase price?

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